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Bring Something #3 - Ryan Kapp

To find Ryan Kapp: Website: Instagram: @_ryankapp_   The way you view the world is everything. If you see the world as worthy of effort, it can give you hope. If you focus on selfishness, it can drive you to cynicism. And if you see a place of endless possibilities, your mind can pile up those possibilities pretty quickly. We don’t have static worldviews of course, cycling through these and others. But more often than not I find myself picturing a wide open expanse of options. A full spectrum of paths to happiness and fulfillment. Countless potential travel adventures. Many...

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Bring Something #2 - Starmotif

Mohamed Dardiri is a multidisciplinary designer, producing a wide variety of work under the name Starmotif. He’s a creator that is in constant search of new skills and techniques that help him communicate his visual language in more than two dimensions.

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Bring Something #1: ChirCh

Jared Rohlfs, aka ChirCH, is a street artist with a love for music and Chicago and a large reserve of hope and optimism. He has steadily put out visually striking work over the last few years, bringing a strong point of view and a positive vibe to the city's streets and is becoming more involved in the world of art galleries. The prospect of a successful side hustle (he’s also a CPS PE teacher) is appealing, but when it comes down to it, what he really cares about is “More good. Less bad.”

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Stories of how independent designers and artists made their own seat at the table.

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