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Bring Something

Bring Something #2 - Starmotif

Mohamed Dardiri is a multidisciplinary designer, producing a wide variety of work under the name Starmotif. He’s a creator that is in constant search of new skills and techniques that help him communicate his visual language in more than two dimensions.

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Bring Something #1: ChirCh

Jared Rohlfs, aka ChirCH, is a street artist with a love for music and Chicago and a large reserve of hope and optimism. He has steadily put out visually striking work over the last few years, bringing a strong point of view and a positive vibe to the city's streets and is becoming more involved in the world of art galleries. The prospect of a successful side hustle (he’s also a CPS PE teacher) is appealing, but when it comes down to it, what he really cares about is “More good. Less bad.”

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Stories of how independent designers and artists made their own seat at the table.

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